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Many families living in Los Angeles reside in apartments or homes that were built prior to 1978 and are therefore presumed to have lead paint present. When you moved in, you should have received notice from your landlord about the potential dangers of the exposures to lead paint.

If you have children, it is much more important for you to be aware of the issues that exposure to lead paint can cause. If your child suffers from lead poisoning, you will be unable to reverse the harmful effects of the exposure. You need to be sure to take immediate action to limit the future damage that may be caused due to a prolonged exposure. 

The symptoms of lead poisoning

The fact is that there are many different symptoms that could show signs of lead poisoning. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Your child is more agitated than usual
  • Your child always seems tired or lacks his or her usual energy
  • Your child is constantly suffering from headaches or nausea
  • Your child shows a lack of appetite
  • Your child has learning difficulties or developmental disabilities

If you suspect that your child may have lead poisoning, you should schedule an appointment with a pediatrician to have blood lead levels checked. It is possible that a previous test would have been done on your child, and you can compare the current levels with the previous tests. If the levels have went up, you might have a claim against your landlord for the harmful effects of the exposure to lead paint.

What can you do to hold your landlord responsible

If you believe that the apartment or home that you are renting has caused health problems for your child, you should consult an experienced lead paint exposure attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can examine your case, and determine if you may have claims against your landlord.

Your attorney will also be able to help your child get the medical care that he or she needs to determine if they are suffering from lead poisoning. This will help you understand more about the impact that the exposure has caused to this point, and also will allow you take the necessary steps to prevent future harm from occurring.

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