A Fire Can Not Only Destroy Your Apartment or Rental Home – It Can Destroy Your Life

You’re at work or school and you get a frantic text or phone call telling you that your apartment building or rental home is on fire.  Worse yet, a loved one is burned or killed as a result of a fire in your apartment or rental home.  If that happens to you, please know that you are not alone.  The attorneys at Riley | Ersoff LLP are experienced catastrophic injury, wrongful death and personal injury attorneys.  We are especially attuned to the pain, heartache, and financial burdens caused by fire events. 

Fires in apartment buildings and rental homes are very common.  Many landlords fail to repair and maintain their rental properties. 

When these failures involve electrical systems, electrical outlets, stoves, heaters, excessive amounts of trash and debris, negligent handymen, unlicensed contractors or others, a fire may be all but inevitable.  Fires are not accidents.  Someone, some corporation, some landlord is responsible.  Those who harmed others through their negligence, carelessness, or abuse must be held accountable.  That is and will always be our mission statement.

Can Riley | Ersoff LLP Help Me if Someone I Love Has Been Injured or Killed as the Result of a Fire?

Wrongful death and burns from fires can result in unbearable emotional harm, life-long physical injuries, and financial burdens that can be almost too much to bear.  Of course, any time a fire causes death or personal injuries, you need to hire a proactive and talented fires lawyer.  Riley | Ersoff LLP is that firm. 

We have years of experience litigating high-stakes catastrophic injury, wrongful death, and personal injury claims.  We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of those injured by careless, negligent, or abusive landlords, individuals, and corporations.  Call us, we can help.

Can I Sue My Landlord Even if No One is Injured in a Fire?

You may still have a claim for the loss of your personal property and constructive eviction as a result of a fire – even if no one is injured. 

A fire that destroys your apartment or rental home – even without bodily injuries – is a serious, life-changing event.  Watching everything you love and care about in your home destroyed by fire is incredibly impactful.  Fires aren’t just about the loss of couches and televisions, they are about the loss of memories, dreams, and ideas both big and small. 

To put a dollar value on those intangible, hard-to grasp concepts is not easy.  It requires an articulate, focused, and aggressive law firm that understands the true value of its clients’ harms and losses.  Thankfully, we do that every day of the week.  That’s exactly how we have recovered tens of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. 

But What if I Have Renter’s Insurance?

Under long-standing California law, you cannot be penalized for having renter’s insurance.  Even if you recover under your renter’s insurance policy, you can still sue your landlord or other careless landlords for our damages. 

The fact that you’ve submitted a claim or have been paid under your renter’s insurance policy is completely irrelevant.  Under the collateral source rule, you can effectively recover your damages twice – once under your renter’s policy and again against your landlord or other defendants.

Contact a Fire Accident Attorney

Structure fire cases can be complex, so you need an experienced lawyer that is willing to help you from start to finish. Riley | Ersoff LLP is that law firm.

Call us at (888) 495-9272 or send us an online message for a free consultation. Our office is in Beverly Hills but we serve all of Los Angeles County.

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