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SoLa Impact and its related entities own and manage more than 1,500 apartments in South Central Los Angeles.

SoLa is controlled and managed by CEO Martin Muoto and COO Gray Lusk. SoLa’s website says that it owns and manages more than 1,500 apartments in Los Angeles.

Capitalizing on their ownership of apartments in South Central, SoLa, Muoto, and Lusk state that their mission is “Doing Well by Doing Good” and that they “revitalize” low-income communities to “uplift, not uproot” their tenants.

That has not been the experience of more than 40 clients of Riley | Ersoff LLP.

These tenants, who trusted SoLa to repair and maintain their homes, live in despicable apartments owned and managed by SoLa.

These tenants believe that SoLa and Muoto have ignored and abused them for years and that nothing – not one thing – is “uplifting” or positive about SoLa, Muoto, Lusk, or their apartments.

Swarming cockroaches, voracious bed bugs, and rats are constant threats to these tenants’ health and safety.

Ceiling leaks, sewage leaks, lead-based paint, and asbestos have plagued these tenants for years.

Photographs of the deplorable conditions at just one of SoLa’s buildings can be seen throughout this article.

Two investigative reports that aired on KCBS Los Angeles regarding a SoLa building occupied by the firm’s clients can be found here and here.

Alerted to the plight of these tenants by Strategic Action for a Just Economy, Riley | Ersoff LLP jumped into action to represent these tenants and help them find justice.


Riley | Ersoff LLP believes that these tenants are entitled to significant monetary compensation for their continuous harms and losses including:

1. The bites, respiratory problems, asthma symptoms, and other injuries caused by bed bugs, cockroaches, and the toxic and destructive living conditions in plaintiffs’ homes.
2. The chronic toxic emotional distress caused by having to live in conditions that are grossly deficient and which violate the law.
3. The loss and destruction of beds, clothing, couches, and personal property that has been destroyed by bed bugs, cockroaches, and rats.
4. Punitive damages designed to punish SoLa, Muoto, and Lusk for their abusive behavior.
5. Attorney’s fees and costs.

If you have experienced similar living conditions in your rental apartment. Call us, we can help.

Copies of the four complaints that Riley | Ersoff LLP filed against SoLa, Muoto, and Lusk can be made available upon request.

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