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People’s Champion Award winner Grant Riley with co-honoree Favian Gonzales of SAJE
People’s Champion Award winner Grant Riley with co-honoree Favian Gonzales of SAJE

On November 13, 2021, supporters of Strategic Action for a Just Economy (“SAJE”) met at the Wilfandel House in the historic West Adams district of Los Angeles to celebrate SAJE’s 25th Anniversary.

Celebrating its past and looking ahead to the future, SAJE awarded its People’s Champion Award to Riley | Ersoff LLP partner Grant Riley. Grant was recognized for his aggressive pursuit of justice on behalf of tenants who have been abused, ignored, and abandoned by negligent and abusive landlords. 

For 25 years, SAJE has been a force for economic justice in Los Angeles. Although a small organization, SAJE punches far above its weight class to protect low-income tenants in Los Angeles.

SAJE has worked side-by-side with the Los Angeles County Supervisors, the Los Angeles City Council, and various public-benefit organizations to improve Los Angeles by advocating for tenant rights, safe and healthy housing, fair eviction defense, and equitable development. 

Since forming his own firm and now with Riley | Ersoff LLP, Grant has represented more than one thousand low-income tenants who have been victimized by abusive landlords. For these tenants, their only option to protect their family and loved ones was to sue their landlord.

With the help of Riley | Ersoff LLP litigation partner Victoria Ersoff and an incredible group of office staff, case managers, and field investigators, Grant’s firm has collected tens of millions of dollars on behalf of those most in need. 

The work of Riley | Ersoff LLP has changed lives. Thanks to the work of Grant Riley, Victoria Ersoff, and their colleagues, Riley | Ersoff LLP has made it possible for many of the firm’s clients to buy homes, send their children to private school, and get them the tutoring and therapies they need to live a long and productive life. 

We support SAJE and hope you will too!  If you would like to donate to SAJE, go to www.saje.net

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Grant Riley

Grant Riley is a sophisticated, proactive, and aggressive attorney with 35 years of in-the-trenches experience litigating complex, big-money disputes. Grant is every landlord’s worst nightmare. He has prosecuted hundreds of slum housing, lead poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning cases and other complex personal injury cases against greedy slumlords and their insurers. Grant, his partner Victoria Ersoff, and his team of lawyers at Riley | Ersoff LLP are responsible for collecting more than $100,000,000 on behalf of hundreds of low income, immigrant, inner-city tenants and others who had no other options and nowhere else to go. If you’ve been harmed, injured, abused or ignored by a landlord, a greedy corporation, or their insurance company, call us. We’ve got the smarts, the experience, and the drive to help you get exactly what you deserve – justice.

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